Starting the SEO Journey with Sika Homes

Sika Homes Website

The Overview

  • CLIENT: Sika Homes
  • INDUSTRY: Residential Construction
  • SERVICES: Organic SEO (On-page, Content & Link Building)
  • RESULTS: 1060% Increase in Visibility in 6 Months

The Challenge

Sika Homes came to Synapse Search with near zero visibility for their website. Being in a competitive industry (New Home Builds & Renovations) and not having done much Search Engine Optimisation before, it was not surprising that their website did not rank well.

Sika Homes was eager to drive business growth by increasing the number of leads coming through the website’s main Contact Form and Request for Consultation lead capture form.


The Approach

In order to take a relatively new (to SEO) website from no traffic to ranking well in a competitive industry, a holistic approach to SEO is required. This includes creating high value content that is optimised for semantic relevance, building domain authority through high quality backlinks, as well as the fundamental on-page SEO tactics like keyword optimisation across all their web properties.

Synapse Search developed a tailored strategy for Sika Homes, based on their starting position, the competitiveness of their industry and their available budget. The deliverables include new content, backlinks and on-page optimisation every month.

Synapse also setup Google Analytics to accurately measure their results.


Sika Homes Visibility Graph
Visibility up 1060% in 6 Months
Sika Homes Organic Traffic Increase
Organic Traffic up 538% in 6 Months

The Results

After just 6 months of SEO work, Sika Homes’ organic visibility has increased by over 1060% with organic sessions up by 538% from July to December 2019.

The website is now generating conversions as a steady stream of leads via the Contact Form and Request for Consultation lead capture form.

  • Organic visibility up 1060%
  • Organic traffic up 538%
  • Website now generating leads

Want to grow your business?

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