Okana Marketing Strategy

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The Overview

  • CLIENT: Okana
  • INDUSTRY: Skincare, Health & Beauty
  • SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, SEO, SEM & Content
  • RESULTS: 1500% Increase in Organic Traffic Year-on-Year

The Challenge

Okana’s challenge was simple. Get 5,000 customers per month. Most agencies would have proposed a paid media-heavy strategy, which would have bought these customers at a similar CAC to previously. 

Rather than accept the status quo, Synapse decided to challenge Okana’s thinking and went back to the drawing board to develop their long term KPIs. Synapse reframed the goal – decrease the CAC by over 75% over 12 months, with the same budget.


The Approach

To do this Synapse Search developed a multi-channel organic growth strategy, based on SEO. The strategy developed, utilises a mix of organic and paid channels to balance short term returns with long term reduction in customer CPA and increase in Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the foundation for organic growth and in this case was used as the primary organic growth channel, and was tailored to target potential customers in all awareness, consideration and intent stages of the purchase funnel. SEO plays an important role in reducing the CPA for new customers, as the ROI is compounding in the long term.

AdWords is used to drive a consistent influx of new customers at the intent stage of the purchase funnel to drive short term revenue.

Content was strategically interlinked to create a semantic map for Google to understand the site and it’s relevance to a wide variety of target keywords.  


90% Increase in Visibility in 3 Months
90% Increase in Visibility in 3 Months
1500% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
1500% Increase in Organic Traffic Year-on-Year

The Results

Overall this strategy would increase organic traffic by over 1500% year-on-year, thus achieving the ambitious KPIs developed in consultation with Synapse.

  • Organic traffic up 78% in just 3 months.
  • Visibility up 90% in just 3 months.
  • 1500% increase in organic traffic year-on-year.

The Okana Story

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