Organic & Local SEO for Lucca Trailers

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The Overview

  • CLIENT: Lucca Trailers
  • INDUSTRY: Automotive (Product)
  • SERVICES: Organic & Local SEO
  • RESULTS: 105% increase in organic web traffic after 6 months

The Challenge

Lucca Trailers was interested in driving more sales of their purpose built, New Zealand made trailers and transporters.  As a locally owned and operated company, customers appreciate the quality and affordability of their products, they just need to be found by more potential customers.

Unlike a lot of New Zealand SMB owners, Vaughan already understood the value of SEO and how important it can be to drive growth, so did not hesitate to engage with Synapse Search when he heard about the caliber of our inhouse SEO team.


The Approach

After discussing their business priorities and considering their online assets, Synapse developed a custom strategy for their situation. 

Lucca Trailers takes orders for their products through a multitude of channels, all present on their website – including phone, email, contact form and online purchases. 

The strategy included the combination of link building, content production and on-page optimisation, to best leverage their online assets and drive more traffic to their website. 

Local SEO was also important for their category, as a large proportion of their target keywords triggered Local Map pack results, so Local SEO tactics including Google My Business optimisation and citations were also included. 


Organic visibility graph for 6 months
Organic visibility up 233% after 6 months
Graph of Lucca Trailers Organic Visbility
Organic traffic up 105% after 6 months

The Results

At the 6 month mark, organic traffic had more than doubled (105% increase) for the month, when compared with the previous year. This represents an average increase of 71% over the first 6 months combined.

While this is not considered ‘normal’, it is possible to achieve SEO results like this with the correct approach.

  • Organic visibility up 233%
  • Organic traffic is up 105% after 6 months
  • Client only just keeping up with demand for First Quarter of 2020


This has translated into a measurable impact on the business. Lucca Trailers is at full capacity so far this new year (2020) and this has put them in great footing for the year ahead. 

They have managed to expand the business based on the growth they have had, and are intending to re-invest some of this success back into SEO by increasing their spend, once they manage to catch up to the excessive demand. A good problem to have for any business!

The approach Synapse Search takes to SEO, means that they’re able to quickly scale their SEO efforts up (or down), and adapt to changing business needs.

We’re ready to turn up the dial whenever you are!

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