Freeparking Ecommerce PPC (Google Ads and Google Analytics)

The Overview

  • CLIENT: Freeparking
  • INDUSTRY: Domain Names, Hosting
  • SERVICES: Google Ads & Analytics
  • RESULTS: Conversion Rate +24% and transactions +40%


Freeparking was already spending on Google Ads but they were not happy with the return on investment (ROI).


Synapse Search was given two objectives:

  • Increase the number of visitors coming to Freeparking website while maintaining the quality of the traffic.
  • Increase the number of sales generated by the website.



The Google Ads account had previously been set up to target a wide range of products and services provided by Freeparking. ROI on Adwords media spend varied dramatically depending on the product.

From the data in the old Ads campaigns, we were able to set up an ad schedule to ensure that the campaigns were more visible during the most successful converting days and times. This also helped us in reserving the daily budget as much as possible during the lower converting days and hours.

We also re-wrote the ads in the new extended format and made sure that the ads had all relevant ad extensions implemented.

Sure, we implemented all Ads account management best practices and that contributed to the overall success, but the most significant improvements were made by refining the Ads campaign and campaign structure to focus spend on highest converting and products/campaigns.


Year-on-Year, the most notable improvements are the number of clicks on Ads increased by 13% (where overall account clickthrough rate stayed the same at 1.3%). At the same time, Google Analytics (GA) ecommerce conversion rate improved by 24% and transactions increased by 40%. As a result, GA revenue increase by 20% year-on-year.

  • Ads clicks +13%
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate + 24%
  • Transactions +40%
  • Revenue increase +20% year-on-year