The First 6 Months with Dental Artistry

Dental Artistry Website Preview

The Overview

  • CLIENT: Dental Artistry
  • INDUSTRY: Dental Clinic
  • SERVICES: Organic & Local SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Strategy
  • RESULTS: 283% increase in visibility after 6 months

The Challenge

Dental Artistry was going through some changes and adding additional skills and capacity to their already very successful dental clinic in Newmarket, Auckland. With this in mind they, were looked for digital marketing channels they could use to drive sustainable growth.

Synapse Search engaged Dental Artistry in order to take their SEO to the next level. They were already ranking reasonably well, but quite a few of their target keywords were ranking just outside of traffic generating positions and some of the head keywords were still on page 2.


The Approach

Synapse reviewed their current digital marketing efforts and developed a roadmap of improvements across analytics, SEO and Google Ads that would lead to the increase in web traffic that would end up driving appointment bookings.

It was realized early on that Local SEO would be a key element in the strategy, as a large proportion of target keywords triggered Local Map Pack results.

Synapse Search also knew that analytics would provide key feedback to both SEO and AdWords campaign optimisation and so built out a measurement plan to capture key conversion data.


Organic Visibility Chart
Organic visibility up by 283% after 6 months
Organic Traffic from Google Analytics
Organic traffic up by an average of 44% over 6 months (year-on-year)
Cost of Dental Implants Featured Snippet
Google Featured Snippet for Dental Category

The Results

After the first 6 months, Dental Artistry’s organic visibility has increased by over 122%, which has driven an increase in organic traffic of 44% year-on-year.

They now have 18 new keywords in the top 3 positions, including a range of SERP Features such as Featured Snippets, FAQs and Local Map Pack listings.

  • Organic visibility up 283%
  • Organic traffic is up 44% after 6 months
  • 18 top 3 position keywords
  • 226% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) so far


With access to Dental Artistry’s new patient tracking, we were able to calculate that the increase in web traffic resulted in a 50% increase in new patient bookings through web channels. Assuming a conservative Customer Lifetime value, we are able to calculate a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of over 226% for the first 6 months alone.  

While this is not normal, we do try to achieve break even (a positive ROAS) after 6-12 months of SEO work. This allows businesses to reinvest the additional revenue generated into further growth, or whatever else business demands.

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