Ausmove Organic SEO Campaign

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The Overview

  • CLIENT: Ausmove
  • INDUSTRY: Relocation Services
  • SERVICES: Organic SEO (On-page, Content & Link Building)
  • RESULTS: 43.9X Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

The Challenge

Ausmove approached Synapse Search through the contact form on our website, after being frustrated by results being delivered by their current SEO agency.

The internal marketing team already understood the value of SEO, and wanted to further leverage the channel to drive increased leads and revenue.

Synapse proposed an SEO strategy and modelled a Return on Investment that gave Ausmove the confidence to go ahead with the proposed strategy.

Work by previous agencies and ‘old-school’ SEO tactics meant that the current state of on-page was less than ideal and presented some technical challenges for improving SEO.


The Approach

Based on the industry, Ausmove’s current position and website, Synapse Search proposed a combination of on-site SEO, content production and link building that would be both cost effective as well as have the biggest impact.

The goal was to increase their visibility on page one by targeting keywords that showed potential to rank for, with sufficient volumes to drive leads and have an impact on their bottom line.

With emigrating to Australia being a long lead time decision for most people, being visible at different stages of the intent funnel was also particularly important.

Servicing the whole of New Zealand, geographical relevance was broad and visibility nationally was also a consideration.

The overall strategy was developed off the back of an SEO audit, which provided a roadmap for SEO tactics which could be executed on a month-by-month basis.

Ausmove Organic Traffic Increase over 12 Months
Organic traffic up 1,559% over 12 months

The Results

After just 3 months of SEO work, Synapse Search had increased Ausmove’s visibility in search by 25%. This equated to an increase in organic traffic of 217% (YoY).

After 6 months, visibility had increased by 154%, resulting in an organic traffic increase of 689% (YoY).

After 12 months, visibility had reached an all-time high, up 216%, leading to a total increase in organic traffic of over 1,559% (YoY). This level of increase in traffic by any channel has a noticeable effect on the business bottom line, with leads via their ‘Quick Quote’ form up by over 107%.

  • 3 Months: Organic traffic up 217% (YoY)
  • 6 Months: Organic traffic up 689% (YoY)
  • 12 months: Organic traffic up 1,559% (YoY)
  • 43.9X ROAS for first 12 months (and growing!)

SERP Features for FAQ Structured Snippets

Synapse identified FAQs as important content for targeting people during the consideration phase. This has the added benefit of improving trustworthiness and increasing your real estate on Google.

Ausmove SERP Features
Ausmove FAQ Structured Snippets

Impact on Business

Based on their average customer value and lead to sale conversion rates, these improvements have resulted in an estimated Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 43.9X.

It is typical for SEO to outperform all other digital marketing channels, and with a structured approach to developing a strategy and executing on that strategy, an experienced agency like Synapse Search can provide results that can be counted on.

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