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Find out how we can help you increase traffic, sales, leads and connect with your customers online. 

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    Thank You For Joining Us

    Thank you for joining us at the first Synapse Connect event in New Zealand. We hoped you enjoyed the presentations as much as we enjoyed hosting you. Here are the slides from the presentations:





    Find out how we can help you increase traffic, sales, leads and connect with your customers online. 

      Making Intelligent Connections

      Synapse Search was born out of the search marketing success our team achieved for the Umbrellar Group of brands including; Umbrellar Cloud, Freeparking, Discount Domains, OpenHost and Domains4Less.

      We want to offer Kiwi businesses the same search engine optimisation (SEO), GoogleAds and paid search services that we use to drive $20m of revenue, every year.

      The internet is noisy and cluttered, and the digital landscape is changing all the time, daily, even hourly.  It’s competitive and often hard to connect with the right customers at the right time, when they are searching for your business, products and services online.

      We’ll make sense of this chaos and ultimately help you make connections that count. We make sure potential customers find you.

      How do we make relevant connections? 

      We take the time to know your business and to understand your customers. We look at who your customers really are, and work with you to understand what your offering would mean to them, what problem do you solve or opportunity do you provide? We then set about serving relevant content to them, content that answers their search questions, right where they are, so by the time they get to your website, they’re ready to take the next step. 

      It requires smart thinking, quick action and a finger constantly on the pulse. That’s our team. 

      Synapse Search Solutions

      SEO Strategy

      We deliver end-to-end SEO strategies using our experience, your data, world-class analytics tools and best-practice.

      Content Optimisation

      To connect with your customers you need to ensure that the right content appears on Google for the right searches.

      Paid Search

      Paid Search (Google Adwords and Bing) is one of the best ways to help you receive consistent traffic from relevant search results.

      Local Optimisation

      More searchers (especially on mobile) are looking for local businesses online. Local SEO and platforms like Google My Business can help you stand out in the search results. 

      Display Advertising

      Reach your target audience with Google Display Ads. Appear on over 2 million websites from high-traffic to niche sites.

      Reputation Management

      Control how your brand appears in the search results. Online reputation management shapes public perception of an organization by influencing online information.