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Our Local Marketing platform takes the fuss out of managing your business. The platform helps you manage your online presence with its easy-to-use features. Grab your insights today by importing your Google My Business locations.

Change The Way You Do Business

Managing your business online should not be complicated. That’s why we made it easy and straightforward for you to achieve your goals through our Local Marketing platform. Start by importing your locations and we’ll give you insights on what you need to do next.


Import your locations and we’ll audit them and tell you what’s missing.


Take your audit results and apply our recommendations.


We will analyse your data and show you how you are performing.


Along the way, we will continually make recommendation on how to improve your business.

It all starts with you

Do you know how people see you online? We have a suite of audits that show you what your online presence looks like and highlights what you can do to make it right.

Location Audit

Not only can you audit a single location to see how it is performing but you can import all of your locations and compare them side by side. This audit is great for determining if you are consistent across all your locations.

Listing Audit

Know how you are being discovered online. Our Local Marketing platform’s Listings Audit provides an analysis of your existing citations and how credible they are in helping you win at local search results.

Competitor Listing Audit

Audit your closest local competitor and check how you fare against their online presence — seeing the scoreboard will let you analyse your performance and what you need to do to win. Advantage you!

Website Audit

See at a glance any issues your website might be facing.

“Our Local Marketing Platform now makes running a small business easier than ever before. Having one place to manage all your store information is genius.”

Scott Francis

Chief Technology Officer, DigitalMaas

Only do what makes the biggest impact

Our digital marketing platform lets you make educated business decisions, especially with your presence online. We prioritise the areas you need to focus on, so you don’t have to worry about the things that don’t positively impact your business.

Growth across the board is good for business

The growth of your business is our highest priority. We work with businesses across all industries and have provided great uplifts in clicks, visits, new users, conversions, and other massive results. What could this growth do for your bottom line?

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