Google My Business Reviews – Using Plugins to increase your trust, authority and conversions

Your Google My Business reviews are a valuable source of validation of the quality of your business and the products or services you provide. If you’ve spent significant time and effort building these reviews, you want to make the best use of them. Through using Google My Business review plugins – you can connect your reviews to your website, allowing customers to see third party validation of your business, garnering greater trust and likelihood of sales conversions.

How does it Work

Google review WordPress plugins will access Google API to receive real-time updates on a GMB profiles current reviews, including star ratings, text reviews and other important information. This data is then visually shown within your website which can then be placed on prominent sales related pages – ie product or services pages.

Depending on the plugin you use – they can provide additional value to your website including:

    • Review Filters – the ability filter minimum ratings to stop fake or misleading reviews from being displayed
    • Custom sorting – choose whether you want to show the highest rated reviews, most recent, long content or specific reviews
    • Moderation – have a spammy fake review coming up in your reviews? You can flag these to not be shown on your website
  • Schema Markups – show your reviews not just on your website, but within search engine results.

Functionality will be dependent on the plugin that you use – so it’s well worth spending the time comparing which review plugin best suits your needs.

What Plugin Should I Use

ClickBurst SEO uses Rich Plugins Reviews Plugin for all of their client’s websites. This WordPress plugin has the capability to capture reviews from Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp. With multiple theme and display options – it’s easy to find a setup which will fit for most types of businesses.

With additional schema support, Rich Plugin’s review plugin allows for search engine results to actively show up to date reviews within the rankings, giving a visual differentiation from other results with visible star ratings and larger result snippets.

There is also inferred SEO benefits from using plugins such as this, with schema completion and active reviews showing a direct correlation with improve google rankings.

Other Considerations

When planning your review plugin structure – you need to consider how your website is setup for ranking on specific keywords. Rating snippets will generally not be visible within results which show the primary domain page, instead only on separate pages. With this in mind, it can be important to build your website structure and content that your primary searches results land on specific product and service pages instead of the home page.

If you’re setting up your reviews with a business which has mixed reviews which could harm the reputation of the website, be sure to set your settings to remove potential view listings which do not represent the businesses quality. As best practice, its always important to respond to negative reviews in a professional and clear manner.

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