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Rich snippets make it possible for the information contained on web pages to be better understood by search engines. The term is used to refer to the structured data mark-up which can be added to your existing HTML. With search engines, this has become slightly more advanced, as it’s now used to show users richer search results. This makes it easy...
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The Future of Organic Search
Google are constantly making adjustments to their search engine ecosystem, and it’s expected that any Search Marketing agency worth their salt not only keeps tabs, but keeps ahead of the industry. Every small change that Google makes in their UI, or algorithm has a huge effect on both website owners, and internet users and the...
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AdWords vs SEO is an old debate that has raged between in the digital marketing field for years. One will always say that the other is worse, and will scream it in their face until they’re blue. This article isn’t going to decide which one is better because to be completely honest, they are both...
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