Making Intelligent Connections

Synapse Search was born out of the success our teams achieved for the Umbrellar Group of brands including; Umbrellar Cloud, Freeparking, Discount Domains, OpenHost and Domains4Less. Synapse will be offering our customers the same suite of services that we use to drive $20m of revenue, every year.

The internet is noisy and cluttered, and the digital landscape is changing all the time, daily, even hourly.  It’s competitive and hard to connect with the right customers at the right time, when they are searching for your business, products and services online. We’ll make sense of this chaos and ultimately help you make connections that count. We make sure your customers find you

How do we make relevant connections? 

We take the time to know your business and to understand your customers. We look at who your customers really are, and work with you to understand what your offering would mean to them, what problem do you solve or opportunity do you provide? We then set about serving relevant content to them, content that answers their search questions, right where they are, so by the time they get to your website, they’re ready to take the next step. 

It requires smart thinking, quick action and a finger constantly on the pulse. That’s our team. 

Meet The Team

Brendan Wilde

Founder & Client Manager

Following a career in above-the-line TV and print advertising, Brendan has been in the world of digital and search marketing for more than 12 years. He was involved with two UK start-up agencies where he built a reputation as a world-class SEO and marketer. He is now Head of Marketing at Umbrellar Group as well as founding Synapse to help NZ business grow online.

Matt Chalk

SEO Account Manager

Powered by coffee, Matt has been working to help small and large New Zealand businesses dominate their search marketing for over 4 years. He’s our powerhouse SEO and with rankings in his veins, he’s the guy you want running your search campaigns!

Shikha Pragal

Business Development Manager

Shikha is very passionate about helping businesses thrive in the digital economy. Helping them realise the impact online marketing has on their overall business. A natural problem solver, she will always have a solution for any complexities or will ensure she finds one. She continues to drive tremendous growth for all her clients and is a valuable, integral member of our team.

Binaifer Aspar

Paid Search Specialist

Binaifer has over 8 years of online marketing experience. She has handled Google AdWords, Display, Video, Bing ads and Facebook campaigns. She has looked after and managed large and small business clients within most sectors such as Hospitality, Automobile, Retail, Travel, Technology, Finance, E-Commerce and more. She has managed both Search & Display campaigns over $300K/ month.

Alina Maul

Online Marketing Intern

With the goal of starting an Online Marketing Career, Alina joined us as an intern from Germany. After completing two internships back at home working in every section, she now knows more than ever that her future lies in Online Marketing. With her strong will and passion she helps the Synapse Team in their ongoing goal of connecting New Zealand businesses with their potential customers.

Let’s Make a Connection

Synapse can help you make intelligent connections with your potential customers. If you’d like to learn more about us and what we do, click below and let’s get connected!